Bandtail puffer – Tetraodontidae

The Bandtail Puffer are with their cute face one of the most toxic fishes that we can find in the waters of Atlantic. The poison existing in this fish by the presence of tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin which are found in their skin, viscera and gonads. They can as their other members in their family puff up them self as an defense if the deadly poison is not enough.

This nasty little critters are mostly found in shallow waters but are as well documented to been sighted as far as 45 meters. They prefer staying at reefs and seagrass  where they hide and haunting for their favourite food. Ranging from crustaceans, mollusks polychaetes, plants and even living fish heads by there own family members.

These little sea monsters reaching an not to impressing size of 30 cm. But what to become impressed of is that they manage to spread their cuteness globally from Canary island, Central América, United States and even so far as Haiti.

They are extremely cute and that would proberly be the reason why it is the most common fish that people have in their aquariums. It’s tough to be that cute…

Extremely cute monsters aren’t they?

Bandtail puffer & parasite
Bandtail puffer
Bandtail puffer

Diving in Tenerife – The volcano island

Since I finished school I’ve been lucky enough to experience some amazing diving around the world. The journey has taken me to places and meetings that were so amazing that I would best describe them as rendering me speachless. I will still try my best to tell you all about these wonderful places and the best times in my life.

Let’s start with my current Island; Tenerife the volcano island just of by the coast of Africa, facing the mighty Sahara desert. A paradise filled by adventures in each corner of the island. But for me the adventure here stops and starts somewhere else.


I think people general are confused by the fact that Canary Island belongs to Spain due to being conquered five hundred years ago, but we all know that this is Africa. And I can promise you, it’s some fabolus diving around!

The coastline around the canary islands is spectacular, filled by caves and an underwater topography that leaves you speachless. The sites up in the north of Tenerife are most spectacular if you are looking from a topography point of view. At some sites the lava itself has been made art in the form of incredable sculptures. The reefs are covered by algae in stunning rainbow explosions. And the wrasses and parrotfishes makes the reefs even more alive. There are some corals around but not at the same scale like places like the Maldives.

The reef of algaes

In the winter the weather gets cooler and the seas a liitle rougher, this affects the visibility and the water temperature. The water temperature reaching from 26 celsius the summer down to 17 celsius in the coldest part of the year. Most days it never was under 10 meters visibility with a more common visibility of 15 – 20 meters, reaching as far up to 35 meters. So visibility wise Tenerife is good and even better if you visit this place during the summer season. Still even with 100 meters visibility it doesn’t matter if we don’t have the marine life.

Lucky enough it has. The life has been absolutely spectacular some days with rays, angelsharks, turtles, lobsters, tuna, octupuss and amazing schools of cuttlefish. The life is not diversed as the indian ocean but it is still estimated to be well over 400 spices around the waters of Canary Island. I heard rumors about hammerheads, whaleshark and mantarays but honestly, they are elusive creatures. I just wonder how it would be to turn back the time just twenty years and dive in this beautiful waters.


The diving that is the most spectacular;

From Las galletas the boats are going to a dive site called Los chuchos which in Spanish means stingrays. Are there really are any stingrays? Yes and they are massive!!! It’s the tough tail stingray with a wingspan of two and a half meter and a impressive tail reaching up to two meters. I did not belive my eyes when four of them were circling around me, and they came so close I Could Have Touched them. This stingray dive is something unique for Tenerife.

Toughtail Stingray
Common Stingray

Since this is a feedingstation for the rays and people always having their personal opinions about feeding animals. But to be honest if we don’t feed them they will proberly end up in someone’s medecine or food so what is right and what is wrong?

My absolute favorite site on the best of my diving days is a shore based dive called Las Eres. The site is a slighty deeper environment down to 26 meters and with some smaller caves that you never really now what they are hiding. In here I’ve found some of the most massive rays of Tenerife. The reef is filled by all sorts of fish, you can even find some morays looking out from the stones here. I have found the mysterious angelshark lying at the reef, resting.. And if you look to the surface you can enjoy some cool schools of barracuda, bogie or trumpetfishes looking down at you. Wondering if you are eatble. But do not underestimate the current or the waves they need to be respected here, it can turn really quickly.

The currents are strong at some of the sites and if the waves looks big when you get in the water remember; they are proberly going to be even bigger when you come up.

On my next update we will go through what kind of threats the ocean around the Canary islands facing and how to protect these waters.

African cuttlefish





Seconds that changed my life.

I guess we all have witness some seconds that done us speechless.

I remember the seconds that would change my life.

It were by the coast of Thailand and we were just about to end our dive. When a magnificently turtle swims up and faced me with the pitch dark eyes. And it affected me as nothing done before. I’ve got spelled bound and I heard them. I heard the whispers.

It all started by a friendly turtle decided to share his time with me for the last minutes of the dive. And I will never forget the eyes that talked to me that day.

And it showed me where I was meant going.
I listen to it.
I could finally see it.

My future belongs to the ocean.

What changed your life?

Hawksbill turtle Indonesia


The Seahorse – Hippocampus

The seahorse belongs to the family of hippocampus which in Latin means horse seamonster. Their size are ranging from tiny 1.5 cm up to 35 cm. They don’t have any stomach and because of the missing stomach these horses needs to eat all the time. To be exact they need to find at least 3000 tiny shrimps in the water every day otherwise they would die of starvation.

The male seahorse has really give the woman a break of giving birth in the nature. In this relationship the male are the one to carry all eggs in his pouch. Of all the eggs only one of thousand survives to an adult size. Some studies shows that they are extremely faithful to each other. Once they find a sea horse partner in their taste they stick with each other for the rest of their life. However it is showed that some of this horses can change partner as soon as the possibility rises. To answer the relationship we need to study this subject a bit further.

To great exercise can kill this guys so mostly they are sitting on the same coral relaxing and eating. Except to gain to much weight the only thing this guys need to worry about is the hungry crabs. If the dwarf sea horse needs to run from the crab he faces a problem. Since the top speed in this horsepower is 1.5 meter per hour.

The seahorse are endangered by over fishing and habitat destruction. The Chinese medicine market has a huge responsibility since they convinced the chines people that seahorses cure impotence, wheezing and pain. Which has nonscientific proof. 20 million seahorses are estimated to been taken from the sea by this reason every year. The consumption are also wild spread in Indonesia, Philippines and other ethnic groups.

The fishing of the endangered seahorse has been controlled by CITES since 2004. CITES is a Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Sadly enough Norway, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia didn’t sign the law. And therefore we are going to a future without this lovely creature.

Support CITES and other ocean fighters that supports our ocean with knowledge among the local people. And of course ban all sort of seahorse consumption and we might give my favorite fish a opportunity.

Tigertail Seahorse; Thailand

If you ask your self

Who can change the world?

Rainbow warriors of Greenpeace?

Eco pirates of sea Shepard?

They can affect but still not strong enough to change.

But you want to know something?

We could change our future, but just if we do it together. Just by a simple action as;

Use less plastic; Plastics that end up as ocean debris contribute to habitat destruction and entangle and killed tens of thousands of marine animals each year. 9.1 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. It´s estimated that in 2025 it will rise up to 150 million metric tons.

One thing that´s even more scary?
Plastic dissolves in the water after a while, and it enter the ecosystem. The plastic then wander from the smallest creatures to the biggest, which are humans.

To limit your impact, carry a reusable water bottle, store food in non disposable containers, bring your own cloth tote or other reusable bag when shopping, and recycle whenever possible. And never forget everything that are out there will eventually end up in the ocean so leave nothing.

Imaging if every human would spend 5 minutes per day to clean and recycle. Approximately 7.4 billion people would be available. Multiple that by the five minutes and we would have 37 billion minutes everyday of erasing all the trash on the whole earth. We would erase the problem of plastic and all be super cleaning heroes.

We have a responsibility to save our ocean.

Pictures from 12 Dive Tenerife at the beach clean up of La Caleta.

Clean 12 Dive
No trash belongs in the nature.




Master of camouflage

The cuttlefish are part of the family cephalopod, which includes squids, octopus and nautilus. Nautilus are weird looking pelagic octopus.

The master of camouflage has three hearts and trough this three hearts green blood circulating. The blood of a cuttlefish has another kind of protein, hemocyanin. Hemocyanin are full of copper which giving the exclusive green color to the blood.

The buoyancy are adjusted by the air that is filled up in their cuttle bone. By increasing and releasing air in the chamber they are adjusting their buoyancy.

This buoyancy method inspired today’s submarines!

In an everyday life this creatures are hovering around over the reef on the haunt for small fish, crabs and shrimps. Which they catch with their two super arms that break apart the prey with the suckers. The final kill is by inject a strong poison in to their prey.

All cuttlefish has a venom to use on their haunt. But the flamboyant cuttlefish has a venom that been discovered to be as poison as the blue ringed octopus. A poison considered to be one of the world’s most venomous from marine animals.

The cuttlefish has a camouflage that is admired all around the world. By a mere second they can change to all different colors and shape by special powers in their skin cells.

If this is not enough they can simply submerge in the sand bottom and become invisible with the sand pattern.

The last defense this guy are using is confusing ink and a yet propulsion to shoot them self away from danger.

The cuttlefish are estimated to be the smartest invertebrate on earth.

The pictures below show you the change of the cuttlefish. Amazing.


Same cuttlefish
Same cuttlefish
Same cuttlefish
Same cuttlefish


What´s really matters?

When you work as a diving instructor, many people are wondering about your future.

Well, what is a future?
What is a future without doing what you love?
What is a future without your passion?

For me, I was born for this.
I can´t live without it.

I sacrifice a lot to live in this businesses.
I lost track of having a normal life.

But I gained so much more.
Have you ever been surrounded by a huge school of graceful manta rays?
Have you ever been swimming through an endless school of fish?
Have you ever been speachless by the sight infront of you?
And been able to call it a work?

Do you really want to spend all that precious time at a work that you don´t love?

In the long run, I know I won’t be the richest but I know I will die with no regrets, surrounded with people from my adventures and I know I lived my life to the fullest.

In the end I won’t end up as one of the hundred most wealthy people.
But the thing is, I don´t belong there.

My life and my future belongs to the ocean.
And I have never been happier then right now.

And that´s what matters right?
What matters to you?

Please like and share my stories out to the world.



Float as you never will float again!
It’s like a flying at work and you will see
From the cutest
To the toughest

Paradise on earth

The ocean covers 72% of our planet.
This ocean has developed from the very first life 3.5 billion years ago until today. Through evolution life has been washed away and some of it been developed to perfection.
Today we have discovered less then 5% of the world’s ocean. This 5% has shown us 230 000 species, it’s still estimated that we have 2 million different creatures to find.
The tiny shrimp and the 180 tonne blue whale are both here because they are supposed to be out there in the ocean. The evolution still need them to balance our planet.

In the end they are all connected to each other. We need every piece of the puzzle.
Somehow on the journey from monkeys to humans we forgot where we came from. We lost our roots to nature.

We started to play god.

But out there is light, there are good people that want to change the future.
And I believe in us. Not all of us, but most of us. We have the choice to change the future.
The rule when it’s comes to the ocean is simple; we don’t mess with it.
Let’s change our future. For the world, for everything that’s good in it.

I believe in us, Do you?

Soft Corals, Komdo Island
Soft Corals, Komdo Island
Cutefish, Komdo Islands
Cutefish, Komdo Islands
Clown Triggerfish, Komdo Island
Clown Triggerfish, Komdo Island

Happy new year ocean.

I can’t belive it’s one year since I stand on the beach of Ao nang, krabi counted in the last second of 2014. Another year to an end. But such a year!

I’ve been travelling trough many contruies this year. One of them were Indonesia which was stunning.

In Komodo island I experienced diving that were beyond my dreams.

I been seeing sharks, manta rays, turtles, reefs, rays, nudibranch before. But now everything was seen on the same dive. I couldn’t decide what to take picture on at some points of the dive. And the reefs was huge untouched and healthy.

The amount and diversity of life were just ridiculous. Some few moments I couldn’t belive my eyes.

This is the place to add on your bucketlist for 2015.

Just a few months ago I decided to share my knowledge about the ocean as instructor.

And now I working with diving and have the chanse to share the tales of the ocean.

This year I will put my strength to the ocean. And finally one day it will came back to it’s glory.

I hope, I dream about it.

Happy new year ocean!

Manta ray. Thailand Hin Muang.
Hawkbill Turtle, Komodo Island Indonesia

I admire it.

The ocean is so quite but yet filled by an amazing diversity of life. An amazing place shaped by the revolution to an colorful perfection. Life is thriving down there.

It’s where I belong, among the creatures of the sea. I knew it since I experienced it the first time. This is my life purpose.

It’s where life becomes simple again eat or get eaten.

The turtle are not worried about the education. The sharks are not panicked about their retirement.

They just follow the rules of life.

I admire it.

Nudibranch. Indonesia Tulamben
Nudibranch. Indonesia Tulamben
Devilscorpion fish. Thailand Bida Islands
Devilscorpion fish. Thailand Bida Islands
Manta ray. Thailand Hin Muang.
Manta ray. Thailand Hin Muang.

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