Seconds that changed my life.

I guess we all have witness some seconds that done us speechless.

I remember the seconds that would change my life.

It were by the coast of Thailand and we were just about to end our dive. When a magnificently turtle swims up and faced me with the pitch dark eyes. And it affected me as nothing done before. I’ve got spelled bound and I heard them. I heard the whispers.

It all started by a friendly turtle decided to share his time with me for the last minutes of the dive. And I will never forget the eyes that talked to me that day.

And it showed me where I was meant going.
I listen to it.
I could finally see it.

My future belongs to the ocean.

What changed your life?

Hawksbill turtle Indonesia



6 thoughts on “Seconds that changed my life.”

    1. Waow, I hope to experience the dolphins a day. Must been truly amazing! Where were you diving then? I think some moments makes you speechless and some few of them can change your life.


      1. I was in Honduras. The dolphins had been trained to follow a dive boat to a site another boat brought divers the to. We spent 20 minutes or so waiting for them to show up and decide if they wanted to hang out with us, and another 20 or so playing around with them.


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