I’m in love with the ocean

I have always been facinated by the ocean.

My life has been stumbling on the edge of insane, because I was walking without any goals. I was walking beacause I was told to.

But one day by staring into one of the most beautiful eyes I ever seen in my life, I got more then facinated I got in love with the ocean.

By a short meeting with some peaceful pitch dark eyes underwater, I understood the breathtaking beauty that we have around us in this paradise. At the same time I got worried, scared. The dying paradise, who can save it.

I’m in love with this dying paradise.

The big adventures started out to the wonderful world. Back in trough the adventures I was reading about as a child.

Adventures that you never will forget.

The peaceful ocean calms me down. Making me humble by showing it’s glory and what’s worth dying for.

Each time I enter the ocean, it whisper to me. One day I couldn’t just stand there so I decided to give the whispers of the ocean a voice that could touch people.

I gives the ocean a storie from my eyes. I will fight with this voice to inspire all of us, to a better world.

Follow your dreams and fight for your heart wishes every living second for the rest of your life.

It all started by an amazing moment, something that been captured in my heart.

I am Charlie Klehr and I’m in love with the ocean.



Dreams are there to follow them


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Dreams are there to follow them

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